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How we do what we do

We’ve fine-tuned our thinking to unlock ultra-pure, high-performing hydrocarbons from coal refuse.


Our values

Our values guide the decisions we make and help us to achieve our goals. They’re what makes us, us.

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We get stuff done

We let our actions speak for themselves
We understand that ideas are nothing without the determination to make them happen.

We don’t give in
We’re unfazed by failure and persevere to find solutions to ‘impossible’ challenges.

Realising great ideas starts with good communication
We communicate with efficiency, openness and honesty, asking for help as naturally as we offer it to others.

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We’re in it together 

We’re one team
Collective success is important to us, and we’ll go above and beyond to support the Arq family in building a brighter future for global energy.

We’re optimistic
Like a family, we don’t always agree, but we’re all optimistic about our long-term goal to better use the world’s energy resources; cleaning up environmental liabilities and innovating to improve the products we offer.

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There’s always a better way

We’re all naturally curious
We openly embrace change and are always receptive to new and exciting ideas to further our development.

We’re all about fresh thinking and smart technology
We know we can get more from the world’s energy sources. That’s what excites us.

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Arq locations

We are a global company that is growing rapidly.
Check the map below to see where your colleagues are making a difference.



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 Company structure

We’re more interested in talent than job titles.
We believe that a flat structure allows us to collaborate and communicate more effectively.

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What we’ll do for you

International opportunities
We’re a global company so you’ll have a chance to travel the world.

Personal and professional development
We provide the guidance and support to help you thrive in your career, no matter what stage you’re at or where you want to go.

An open-door policy
You have access to everyone and anyone at Arq.

Promoting your voice
Because we believe great ideas can come from any part of the business.


What we ask of you

Health and safety first
It’s obvious, but it’s good to remind ourselves.

Share your knowledge
Arq will support you to keep learning. And when you’ve learnt something new, please pass it on.

Be collaborative
Great things happen when people who think differently get together.

Be open and honest
It makes us more productive and creates an enjoyable place to work.

Protect company information
Our intellectual property is our life-blood. By protecting it we will grow and prosper.


The future’s bright

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